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Hallo liebe Gäste und Mitglieder,
wie ihr leider merken musstet, ist unsere Haupt-Entwicklungsseite derzeit nicht erreichbar.
Diese Unannehmlichkeit tut uns sehr leid und wir versuchen natürlich diesen misslichen Zustand so schnell wie möglich zu korrigieren.

Natürlich geht die Entwicklung fleissig weiter, damit wir die Version 2.1 trotzdem möglichst bald erreichen.

Gruss, Bogie


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KalenderMX 1.4c ported to EvoGer

Reads: 3352

Posted by Bogie on Mar 24, 2006

Bogie writes "

Now the newest version of the "KalenderMX", actually the v1.4c, is ported for EvoGer.
Main enhancements of this new release are several fixed bugs, but also the adaptation to Nuke 7.9 (for example for the administration menu).

Because the database didn't change for this release, you can update by copying the files to your installation of EvoGer.



|  3352|  0

First sections of the tutorial opened

PnTec Theme Editor
PnTec Theme Editor
Reads: 5849

Posted by Administrator on Feb 02, 2006

Administrator writes "

Today we put the irst sections of the coming tutorial online.
These sections are the 
   - change information
   - help with problems

These sections, especially the problem help, will be filled with the information we all learn through the discussion and use cases of the forum topics. 
So, if you have any problem with the Theme-Editor, please have a look to the tutorial first.

If you have any suffestion for additional information we should insert into the tutorial, please send me a pm.


|  5849|  0

Discussion with the Nuke-Evo team

Reads: 5933

Posted by Administrator on Jan 30, 2006

Administrator writes "After a discussion with Technocrat and Jeff from the Nuke-Evolution team, we jointly decided to implement some code to let the themes created with the Theme-Editor better fit to the Evo-Theme-Manager.
Now, there will be some information about the author and the version of the themes in both add ons.
This new feature will be available in Evo version 1.0.2 and the Theme-Editor 0.3.0. Both versions will be releases about mid of february.

Thanks Evo-Team"

|  5933|  0|

Theme-Editor 0.2.0 [beta2]

Reads: 8241

Posted by Administrator on Jan 30, 2006

Administrator writes "Because of the number of changes I decided to publish the beta2 before the planned date.
So you have the chance to use the new version with its features and save your work because of the compability to Evo and the 1st beta version.

Read More... | |  8241|  0

Theme-Editor [beta1]

PnTec Theme Editor
PnTec Theme Editor
Reads: 10117

Posted by Bogie on Dec 25, 2005

Bogie writes "The Theme-Editor Beta1 is finished.
Have fun with this addon for Nuke-Evolution.

You will find much more functionalities that I expected (and a little later than expected).
Please read the included readme.txt before the installation !!


Read More... | |  10117|  0

ThemeEditor 1.0 beta1

PnTec Theme Editor
PnTec Theme Editor
Reads: 3829

Posted by Bogie on Dec 16, 2005

Bogie writes "The ThemeEditor seem to reach the first beta version within the next few days.

It is fully functional under Nuke-Evolution, but I didn't test it under the standard PHP-Nuke.

You can create and edit themes with this editor (PTE-Themes) with many zones and variables. There is no need for php knowledge - you'll just configure the theme.

The only thing you have to do manually is the (newly with Evolution) needed forum-theme that shall be located in the theme-folder. We are thinking about a fully automatic configuration of this forum-theme, but the updates of the forum might be a problem. That has to be discussed.

|  3829|  0|

PTMetaTags 1.0

Reads: 1623

Posted by Bogie on Oct 27, 2005

Bogie writes "We just finished PTMetaTag version 1.0 and put it into the download area.
This little AddOn resides in the Admin Menu and makes it absolutely easy to maintain the MetaTags for your WebSite.
Even all WebMasters who don't know HTML are able to set and change these MetaTags that are important to identify and catalog your WebSite.

|  1623|  0

Statistic Modules

Reads: 1833

Posted by Administrator on Oct 25, 2005

Bogie writes "For everybody who likes statistics: I'm just working on two statistic modules.

The first one ist to be ported. Its the well known "WhereBisDu" written by the canadian offiz. If the modified version remains stable, it will be released for Evo within the next few days.

The second one is an own development. "PTStatistics" uses a graphic library to show the results, but unfortunately the lib is different for PHP 4 and PHP 5. So I've to rework the module a little bit. I believe this will take some time, but I'll keep you informed.

For all, who want to have a look at these modules, please watch the menu "Statistics" on the left side.

Please post comments to these modules in the forum.


|  1833|  0

PnTec is up and running

Reads: 2483

Posted by Administrator on Oct 24, 2005

Bogie writes " is up and running now.
For now we use Nuke-Evolution beta 2 - ans as you can see, it's running well.
Anyway, there are several bugs, but the evolution team is working hard on that.

Here we are working on some modules thet will not be part of the Evolution distribution. Because of requests, we try to port and optimize them to the Evo System.

Read More... | |  2483|  0

Welcome to Nuke-Evolution

Reads: 1277

Posted by webmaster on Jun 12, 2008

Anonymous writes "

Thanks for installing Nuke-Evolution. The Evo Team has put a lot of hard work into this release to make it the fastest, most functional and most secure version of PHP-Nuke ever. We encourage you to read through all of the included documentation so you fully understand the power within Evo. Inside the original archive you downloaded you will find several folders containing helpful information. The first is the "Install" folder which we hope you are already familiar with. This folder contains three documents which help you properly install and configure your new Evo site. If you haven't fully gone through these already please do it now! The second is the "Help" folder. Inside this folder you will find some very helpful documents that our team has put together to explain some of the features inside Evo. You will also find some documents that will help resolve a few errors you may run in to due to browser settings or improperly setup software. The third is the "Theme Edits" folder. If you would like to convert a PHP-Nuke theme to work with Evo you must follow the provided instructions within this folder. We trust that Evo will be the best Nuke software you have ever run. Enjoy and be sure to stop by for support, updates or just to say hi! - The Nuke-Evolution Team


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