anti-dumping wood floor
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#1: Kein Icon anti-dumping wood floor Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mi Aug 10, 2016 6:28 am
our flooring industry to go abroad, into the world, to realize the country's powerful leap will be very negative. wood floor lock patent mentioned, Build A Deck On Concrete Patio people naturally and also we will not stop after the anti-dumping wood floor together. "patents on anti-dumping and the surface is irrelevant two things, but two things happened at the same time when the wood floor, it is worth pondering .

This is likely to be an overseas Chinese wood floor wood floor manufacturer to launch an attack of a rehearsal. "Who asked not to be named cover weathered concrete patio senior flooring experts Development of China's wood floor expressed more concern in the expert opinion, but foreign patent lock on the wood floor of a cast of Chinese enterprises ask the way stone,wholesale landscape iron window box  wood flooring production is not only related to a patent lock this problem.

"the floor color, quiet technology, low formaldehyde (EO) technology, antimicrobial technology, etc.Based on the above point of view,building a curved bench  he believes wood flooring enterprises must unite, calm, positive response to this event buckle patent, "good or bad lock patented event processing, will directly affect them (foreign wood floor) to China Analyzing flooring industry. -> Blocks

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