Element of real wood floor board
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<p>Generally speaking, in numerous floor type, real wood floor has comfortable sex most, but the price that its do not poor lets a lot of consumer look and be born sigh. Rise abruptly as what solid wood joins a floor board,timber porch flooring sheets Singapore  partial owner ases if discovered the New World-the Americas, caused upsurge of floor choose and buy. Do real wood floor and solid wood join a floor board both what actor drawback do each have? Compare knew. </p>

<p>1, the characteristic that solid wood joins a floor board</p>

<p>Compound wood floor was overcoming weakness of easy metabolic of real wood floor at the same time, reservation resembles the virtue of the comfortable foot feeling of real wood floor and natural lumber.price comparison of timber vs composite decking As a result of the characteristic of oneself, do not need to maintain particularly, caress rise relatively handy. </p>

<p>Compound floor does not need to wax and paint, avoid by all means uses polish of sand paper burnish. Because compound floor is different from real wood floor, its surface is compared originally smooth, brightness is better also,wood deck pedestal wax instead is met ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous. Prevent intense sun direct illuminate, can avoid floor appearance weather-shack with ageing. </p>

<p>2, the characteristic of real wood floor</p>

<p>Material of real wood floor is qualitative harder, the wooden fiber structure of careful, coefficient of thermal conductivity is low, the effect of sound of block sound insulation and steam, excel cement, ceramic tile and iron and steel. </p>

<p>The lumber character of real wood floor is, climate is dry, wood interior moisture commentate give; climate moisture, lumber can absorb the moisture in air. Wooden floor is divided through absorb and releasing water, best boards for outdoor decking adjust bedroom air humidity to human body most comfortable level. </p>

<p>Real wood floor is taken with material from virgin forest, use paint without volatile wear-resisting besmear is installed, plant from material lacquer face all green is harmless, without radiation, do not contain formaldehyde, it is building materials of ground of hurtless of exclusive and natural green. </p>
<p>Of real wood floor be short of regret: Not wear-resisting, easy lose burnish; to should not be in humidity change greater place is used, otherwise changeful form; is afraid of acerbity, alkaline wait for chemical to corrode, be afraid of calcination.</p>

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