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<p>the pile down to fly out. 3, if the home moisture is heavy, it is best to put some desiccant to facilitate collection. 4 may not be like the camphor pest control items in direct contact with the quilt or cloth, otherwise the next time the smell will penetrate them. 5, in </p>
<p>order to maintain the flexibility of the quilt to extend the service life, the collection should not be weight, especially in the most. Vacuum bag is not recommended because of the popular market, in a compressed state for a long time, will make the next season the </p>
<p>material elastic fatigue quilt out, fluffy and feeling worse, affect the warmth. 6, can buy the quilt when the packaging bag left, this is the best storage bag, environmental protection and easy to use. The above content is small to the house cleaning method and </p>
<p>patio squares wood plastic decking<br>
composite outdoor decking material<br>
no benzene substance floor</p> -> Blocks

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