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Province forestry bureau plans 5 years inside new plant 100 million individual plant is precious the tree that use material. Bureau of the forestry that occupy a province introduces, since 2003, complete province advances the green Jiangsu that gives priority to body job with afforestation to build energetically, to complete 2015 province forest is enclothed rate amount to 22.5% , area of complete province forest, forest is enclothed rate 2003 broke up one time on the foundation, with taking the throughout the country the area created the forest land of 0.7% to take the throughout the country the forestry production value of 7% .

"Implementation forest gross times after adding, the problem of silvan structure and quality is highlighted came out. In saving silvan natural resources completely at present, make an appointment with 85% for Zhong Youlin, 65% for poplar, silvan natural resources is put generally in lumber poorer, treatment uses precious sex low, zoology serves value not strong, tree plants the function structural landscape sheet is first-class problem.

" Xia Chunsheng of director of province forestry bureau tells a reporter. Save deploy requirement of the government according to provincial Party committee, province forestry bureau makes precious color cultivate kind of development 10 years to plan, come on stage " one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight " demonstrative base builds an opinion, weave precious color tree is planted help advance somebody's career technical manual, to advance health of silvan natural resources development lays a foundation.  "best rated decking material,composite wood fence panels,can be recycled for second use wood fence panels" -> Blocks

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