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How to calculate the amount of ecological wood-paneled wall, save costs? Of course, local tyrants skipped, because not a lot of money to buy more and more out of a big deal decoration materials elsewhere. Decoration method determines the material timber. Wooden rendering methods, materials needed are: wooden, ecological wood wall ecological wood moldings. Interior wall panels keel law, required materials are: interior wall panels keel, interior plate fasteners, ecological wood wall ecological wood moldings. The latter than the former to be stable.

The specific amount, an analogy, there is a 6 meters long 3 meters of wall decoration ecological wood material specifications with a high 202 * 30 Wall, wall decoration Good quality requirements.

Wooden rendering method: Because wallboard required quality to be good, good pressure, so playing wooden spacing 30-50cm, taken in the interval 40CM, wooden vertical installation method is equivalent to the amount of 8 6 meters long wooden poles, because of the length of the wooden fixed 3 meters, so the amount of dead 16 3 m long wooden poles. 202 * 30 high Great Wall mounting dimensions are 195mm, wall mounting dimensions of length divided by 31 equals 30.6 rounded, two budget loss is 33, the diagonal length of the perimeter wall of 18 meters. That is 33 3 meter products. Plus labor costs is decorated renovation budget came out.

Interior wall panels keel method: wall keel fixed length is 2.44 meters, count on keel 48 divided by 2.44 equals 19.6 Rounding is 20. Wall panel fastener is equal to the length of 48 meters divided by keel material dimensions 0.195 rounding equals 247. Great Wall panels and moldings decorated with the above method of the same amount.

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