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<p>number of flowers are free to adjust. But we will cut processing parts exposed in the front. 8, repair method of plant leaf leaf deformation has a natural beauty, sometimes in order to need the flower shape, shape of a re creation, change the original form. You </p>
<p>need to make it more in line with the art of flower arrangement. This kind of blade surface requires large, hard texture. Such as palm leaves, iron leaves, Fatsia leaf plasticity strong leaf. Such as palm leaves. The leaf is very broad, palmatipartite composed of </p>
<p>radial veins, can be trimmed into a rounded, fan shape, or other shapes. 9, the blade drawing method has parallel veined leaves, such as reed leaves, for longitudinal rip of the causes of longitudinal cracks. If not completely tear through veins. According to Dora </p>
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