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#1: Kein Icon Traditional floor Hold maintained Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mo Aug 01, 2016 5:32 am
Antique flooring, parquet flooring, relief floor, 3D surface of the floor already belong to the past. Today's innovation is not only the floor on the floor color and shape to make a fuss, and also plays a creative concept, cube floor living home floor, the macro-resistant flooring constellation floor is 2011 Innovation floor. A tradition of innovation that has changed the shape of the floor, the floor that an innovative character traits into the 12 constellations.

Whether it is the latest creative floor or antique flooring, parquet flooring, etc., they belong to niche products or high-end products. Innovation is based on traditional floor floor on an issue, no matter what he looks like finally turned its manufacturing costs are far higher than traditional flooring. Secondly, in order to highlight its innovative floor function, resulting in product quality as good as the traditional flooring. So innovative floor still belong to niche products.

Sales from the current market, the traditional floor Hold live pressure, the scope of traditional flooring applies more broadly, better quality and lower prices is the main reason. Companies in the traditional market floor price war intensified, not only frequently organize various promotional activities, also repeatedly break the line on prices, which is the traditional floor can Hold reason to live.

Market demand will foster innovation flooring, the flooring industry requires the development of a diversified, personalized, fashion. With more and more young consumer groups, are increasingly seeking personality and style, innovation road flooring business will go in the end. Perhaps in the near future, LED will be popular floor, the floor will be popular music, traditional floor maintained Hold still!

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