Fine efficient road construction
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#1: Kein Icon Fine efficient road construction Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mi Sep 21, 2016 5:49 am
Change "standard" to "Process", organized by the simple construction of extensive and efficient transition to the fine. The unified, standardized criteria to carry out each stage of project construction, the procedure, the construction organization more balanced scientific, more rational and efficient allocation of resources, forming a "have to implement procedures, standard operation, a controlled process, the assessment results "management system.

By the scale of production, management, intelligent, real-time control, and reduce the operating personnel, improve the one-time rate of qualified products, cost savings.

To promote the standardization of "three focus" for example, each of the tenders in principle only concentrate on building a concrete mixing plant, a steel processing plant and a member of prefabricated field, and the use of automatic compulsory concrete mixing machine and CNC bending steel hoop machine, etc. advanced production equipment, not only reduces the temporary use of land, labor consumption, material consumption and other costs, but also greatly improve the production efficiency and quality, reduce labor staffing.

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