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Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring all belong to composite wood flooring. Solid wood flooring laminated by the three or more solid wood panels made to retain the advantages of natural wood floors, the surface is often in the decoration, the floor should be considered the choice of a comprehensive, from the aesthetic point of view or from the perspective of cost savings can be , But more importantly from a safe, practical point of view to consider.
Select the laminate flooring to "four to see" as a wood-based panel as the substrate of the new floor, laminate flooring not only has a warm and natural decorative effect, and its surface abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, flame resistance, impact resistance And so better than solid wood flooring. In fact, the selection of laminate flooring, there are many stress.
A look at the brand. Can choose a number of large enterprises at home and abroad products, such product quality and after-sales service are protected, while consumers buy such products do not seek cheap. Currently on the market more well-known brands are: Saint elephant (enterprise blog | video |), Sweden Boli, Germany love grid, macro resistance (corporate blog | Second, look at formaldehyde emission.
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http://www.pntec.de -> Blocks

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