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#1: Kein Icon soft fitted to join and timely Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mo März 20, 2017 6:21 am
<p>floor pattern collage is also very beautiful, if the ground can be paved so beautiful, it is also good. Dark antique floor paved the British village happy space dark antique floor paved the British village happy space lively and light space color, with the unique taste of soft fitted with, dotted with a unique sense of happiness. Choose a large area of ??landscape glass, the introduction of the most pure natural happiness warm. This angle of dark antique floor to see the most real, large area of ??paving laid the interior style and tone. Open-style </p>
<p>planning, so that public space more complete and coherent. Floor paving with indoor lines to make space more sense of depth, wall wallpaper is also a strong British flavor. Using the same color of the end of the cabinet, cleverly filled the original terrible space, give full play to the most complete use of efficiency. Space soft suits are guaranteed the perfect interpretation of the entire space style. Through the complex function of the cooking bar, to create the infinite possibilities of space applications. Open design makes space more </p>
<p>open. The floor chose a dark antique system, in order to maintain the sense of space, the cabinet chose a little bright rice to match, naturally complement each other. Flexible use of tea mirror as a surface material, cleverly resolved corridor too long bunch of sense, extending the sense of visual space. Inside the hidden storage space is naturally the owner of the favorite, easy to put a variety of things. The use of sliding glass door, retains the visual sense of penetration and space functionality. Wall wallpaper full of British wind. To the hostess </p>
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