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<p>pure and fresh quietly elegant visual effect.In addition, the bamboo floor also has natural advantages of warm in winter and cool in summer.Processing technology of bamboo and wood floor processing bamboo floor is different from the traditional sense of the bamboo products, it is used in fine bamboo, the strict material selection, material preparation, bleaching, vulcanizing, dehydration, insect-resistant, </p>
<p>anticorrosive, after processing.Then through high temperature and high pressure thermosetting glue surface.The relative real wood floor.It has its advantages and disadvantages, bamboo and wood floor wear-resisting, withstand voltage, moistureproof, fire prevention, its physical performance is better than real wood floor, tensile strength higher than that of real wood floor and the shrinkage rate is lower than the </p>
<p>real wood floor, therefore no cracking, no distortion, no deformation after laid bulging.But bamboo floor high strength, hardness is strong, don't truthfully wood floor and comfortable foot feeling, appearance and no real wood floor is rich and varied.It is the appearance of the natural bamboo texture, colour and lustre is beautiful, complying with the mentality of people return to nature, and it is superior to </p>
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http://www.pntec.de -> Blocks

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