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#1: Kein Icon kinds of products pass rate of 100% Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mi Apr 19, 2017 5:11 am
down jacket, electric hot pot and other daily necessities quality is not optimistic This country spot checks the province pressure cooker, women's underwear, travel shoes and other 12 categories of consumer goods, the average pass rate of 75.4%. Among them, the pressure cooker, household gas stove, electric water heaters,
laptops and other 8 kinds of products pass rate of 100%. And some down jacket, wooden cabinets, micro-computer switching power supply, electric hot pot product quality is not satisfactory. - Only four of the four types of agricultural means of production qualified The country sampled our province feed mill,
net fishing gear, compound fertilizer, pesticide pesticides and other four types of agricultural production, the average pass rate of only 50%. According to the report analysis, compound fertilizer has a product of water-soluble phosphorus accounted for the percentage of effective phosphorus indicator failure,
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