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#1: Kein Icon the United States to cooperate Autor: happywork BeitragVerfasst am: Mi Apr 26, 2017 12:28 pm
2007, the relationship between home improvement company and store will not be further deteriorated? This is the current decoration general manager Dai Jiangping in this year's most worried about things. Dai Jiangping told reporters, stores and decoration companies, materials business between the sale of each have their own,
no matter who is involved in each other's areas, as long as consumers recognized on the line. "Only the store in the design and construction may not be professional, and home improvement companies from the advantages of integrated materials resources are not as good as stores, if the two sides have to force the other side of the market,
will only weaken each other's competitiveness, so that stores and decoration companies The relationship between the more tense. "In turn, most home improvement company is still looking forward to the store and the United States and the United States to cooperate, and find a way to ease the conflict of interest.
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