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<p>commonly used many unscrupulous businessmen shoddy trick. 2, the paint material to cover up the problem of illegal businesses the main approach: (1) surface layer with color paint, the bottom surface of the aluminum film covered with insect eyes, decadent, also called &quot;cracking corrosion proof&quot;. (2) surface layer with color paint, filling putty primer covered bug, decadent, cracking with the bottom surface. Let </p>
<p>consumers see the real texture of wood, surface defect masking, achieve shoddy purpose; the two is not only harmful to health, and wood floors in the installation of 1-2 years after the bleaching phenomenon is serious. 3, empty customer service service guarantee many businesses in the buy that must guarantee 5 years or even 10 years, after buying on the matter, or shirk responsibility, or in the installation of </p>
<p>shoddy work. In fact, the national standard warranty is one year, can do 2 years warranty the brand is already quite good, let alone 5 years, 10 years, these commitments is nothing but to confuse the public, cash. We must find a reputable so buy wood floor, in the market for a long time the dealer, and buy a little good brand, some flooring flooring brands for Gesanchaiwu, must pay attention to. 4, solid wood </p>
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http://www.pntec.de -> Blocks

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