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Dabei seit: Jun 14, 2016
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Status: Online
BeitragVerfasst am: Sa Okt 08, 2016 9:23 am    Titel: Kein Icon China flooring market Antworten mit Zitat

So that each purchase of the Dell floor of the consumers can get satisfactory service; In addition, the company that consumers should really participate in the development of the company, whether existing customers, charcoal grill deck pad or potential customers. "Dell flooring in the capital has nearly 100,000 loyal users, they have made a great contribution to the development of Dell, whether the success of business competition depends on the number of users with resources.Therefore, Del to make new users at the same time, Not forgetting the old user, "Wang Zhiming introduced," 11 "period, Del floor will be held to return the activities of consumers, select 20 representatives to the event site. The company will grant the user representatives as "Del floor social supervisor" of the title. Users will be Dell's future development of the market to provide recommendations for long-term supervision, buy wood plastic composite in malaysia so as to enhance the innovation capacity of enterprises, and better services for consumers. "Dell sees these users as employees within the company," said Wang. "This will greatly facilitate the upgrading of the flooring industry's services, while breaking the past, consumers are only business observer identity, will now be part of the enterprise decision-making, Day of the consumer home floor design has its own philosophy.
With the Robin, Kono, Lucerne and other foreign brands in the Chinese flooring market generous operation of China's flooring industry is gradually forming a small workshop of the family-style workshop, a large number of domestic brands, Domestic brands, multinational companies the pattern of a comprehensive melee. China's rapid development of real estate for the flooring industry to create a huge demand for space and profit margins, China from 10 years ago to strengthen the board of pure importing countries, has now developed into the world's largest producer and sales floor, the Chinese wood flooring Development is an annual rate of 25% -30% increase. From the early 90s of last century, imports of floor dominate the world, and now more than 95% of products to achieve "localization" of production, how to install pvc railing on a deck was originally a good thing, but also derived from the market confusion. China Forest Products Industry Association floor professional members of the survey shows that China's laminate flooring industry is characterized by multi-brand, brand concentration is not high, the market active, uneven quality of products. Statistics show that the best single-brand market share of about 10% of the brand concentration gap. In addition, the domestic flooring industry is still the biggest constraint to the quality of uneven, fake rampage. Recently, the AQSIQ for the third time in 13 provinces and cities more than 50 kinds of laminate flooring quality checks showed that the product was only 78.8% pass rate. It is precisely because the development of the flooring industry is not sufficient for the enterprise to enter the development of space and potential. By the Mundell, the father of the euro in charge of the "World Economic Forum" named "China's top 500 enterprises", the floor that is 45 enterprises, the floor industry as a whole building decoration materials industry with high gold "blue chip." Flooring industry investment continues to heat up, with the exception of foreign capital, private capital into the flooring industry, composite deck veneer Montana a large number of domestic listed companies have also vied for the floor industry. Huge profits driven by the domestic flooring market, the emergence of the family workshop-style small factories, domestic brands, multinational companies a comprehensive melee pattern. Relative to the domestic market of flooring companies, multinational companies in the price, quality, the core competitive advantage is more prominent. In addition, the technology development ability, every year there are new products to market; and in the consumer concern about the environmental indicators are also lower than the national standard requirements of formaldehyde content. In this case.
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