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BeitragVerfasst am: Fr Dez 16, 2016 3:12 am    Titel: Kein Icon The Federal Reserve to raise interest rates on the construct Antworten mit Zitat

<p>Second, the road micro-channel micro-pipe laying micro-cable technology brief
Roadway micro-channel gas blowing technology is the use of road slotting machine in the road edge cutting a width of 15mm-30mm, depth in the 150-350mm channel, the vertical distribution of the thick channel at the end of the row, row micro-tube That is, in which air-laid micro-cable), backfill cement or concrete and then use the air-blower and air compressor will be laid into the micro-cable micro-tube. Pavement micro-channel technology,explosion proof dry shotcrete machine including slotting process, air-blown construction, row-type cluster, air-blown micro-cable and other technical elements.</p>
<P>1, slotting process</P>
<p>Traditional road excavation technology requires large-scale excavator construction, the work interface is large and the traffic obstruction is serious, excavation and backfilling cycle is longer, the project cost is high, the environmental pollution is bigger. The road micro-channel technology can only be achieved using a small road grooving machine, the construction of excavation and backfill with high efficiency, low construction costs, road traffic and environmental pollution,hand operated push irrigation sewing machine and less damage to existing pipelines or road facilities, such as small Features. At present, the international use of automatic control of the width and depth of slotting equipment to adapt to different communications design (micro-cable, micro-tube diameter different) needs,</p>
<P>The miniaturized pavement grooving machine can only be operated by one person, and the fine and narrow tunnels can be laid to meet the needs of micro-pipe laying. The implementation area can cover the expressway pavement, urban concrete pavement, rock pavement, desert area and mud field pavement. Geological excavation speed is different). The excavation should be based on municipal planning and exploration of the actual situation of the underground pipeline to determine the route and do the relevant mark. According to the route marking, the turning radius of the micro groove should be larger than the minimum bending radius of the micro tube and the micro cable. The excavation speed is in the range of 70-120m / h, and the slotting is done manually or mechanically. Digging waste to clean up. In the laying of microtubules should be laid before the bottom of a small amount of sand,Cheap Mining Engineering Machinery Parts Vendors to prevent the bottom of the groove is not flat and bad microtubules. After the micro-tube into the thinner tools should be used to pressure to the bottom of the backfill should be used with the roadbed density, good fluidity, high strength concrete filling, to ensure that the backfill channel mechanics and structural performance and excavation similar. Micro-tube HDPE material may produce oxidative denaturation, it can not use hot asphalt backfill. According to different road conditions, backfill way is different. If it is a cement road, only the use of concrete backfill to the original pavement height, if it is asphalt pavement backfill concrete and road surface height must be set aside a certain height (at least 5cm), to be solidified concrete filled with waterproof and sealing function Asphalt material, as shown in Figure 3. Some geological structures or roads in poor areas, after the laying of the micro-tube with the outer diameter foam pad, to prevent the backfill material on the top of the subsidence caused by micro-extrusion pressure, as shown in Figure 4. Slotting is generally chosen near the location along the road, and the width is small, so the vehicle tire will not directly act on the micro groove above the backfill material does not appear the traditional road surface repair subsidence, microtubules will not be subject to greater extrusion pressure .</P>
<p>2, gas blowing process</p>
<p>Blowing technology is through the high-pressure air and gas blower mechanical thrust of the role of the micro-cable in the micro-tube in a fast, smooth forward laying. As the microchannel technology used in the row-type cluster tube and ordinary micro-tube buried the same specifications, you can use the same with the ordinary micro-gas blower gas blower and related accessories. Air-blown micro-cable construction should be considered micro-tubes, micro-cable and environmental factors, in order to obtain the optimal air blowing effect. Micro-tube laying in the laying of the time to pay attention to avoid ups and downs and twist, to be done before the air through and add lubricant to reduce the friction coefficient. Micro-cable should be installed at the end of its head before blowing the bullet, the micro-cable in the micro-steering can be flexible, and makes high-pressure gas from the end of the micro-cable will not cause its skin rupture. Blowing should also be noted before the storage of micro-cable, shall not be stained with sediment,Cheap Power Road Construction Equipment rain micro-cable blowing to the micro-tube, so as not to reduce the air-blown speed. The ambient temperature of the construction should be higher than 35 ℃ after the installation of air compressor cooler should be compressed air compressor discharge temperature of at least 20 ℃ higher than the ambient temperature, and pipe and cable jacket material will occur when the high temperature softening , Resulting in increased friction coefficient and thus affect the air blowing efficiency. Construction of the larger environmental humidity to be installed in the air compressor after the water separator to prevent excessive moisture into the micro-tube, the surface tension of the micro-cable adhesion to impede its progress.</p>
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